Group Buy Info

Some products sold by LYKKO STUDIO are part of a Group Buy. These items have not yet been produced, therefore they are in pre-sale.
Each Group Buy has its duration, usually a month. Only after the end of the pre-sale, the manufacturer starts the production. After its completion, we collect the products, pack them and ship them to the buyer. The duration of this process is determined individually for each collection. Products can be shipped faster or later than estimated, depending on possible delays during the production process.
The products that are part of Group Buy are limited and made to special orders. Only joining a Group Buy provides a product purchase guarantee. During production, you will also be able to purchase extra units at a higher price than Group Buy prices. 
The last chance to buy products that are part of Group Buy will appear when the products reach our warehouse. The products will receive their final retail price and will take a few business days to deliver. However, their number will be very limited.